CALL NOW FOR BEST DEALS +919116155255,+919116155355,+919116155455 We are the most reliable and experienced marble manufacturers and suppliers in India. WE MAKE THINGS OUT OF STONES
CALL NOW FOR BEST DEALS +919116155255,+919116155355,+919116155455
We are the most reliable and experienced marble manufacturers and suppliers in India.


VM Marble is the leading Indian conglomerate and a global trendsetter in the world of Natural Stone.
The choice of undertaking the paths less traveled has made all the difference in the success story of VM Marble. The company was established in a simple warehouse at Kishangarh, Rajasthan, in 1989, and ever since has been raising the bar with its quality products and superior services.

Today, VM MARBLES PVT LTD, with a keen aptitude for innovation and skill, inclination towards concurrent technological advancements, and with multiple quarries at Dharmeta, Morwad, Dhariyawad, Banswara in Rajasthan, India, has emerged as an undisputed leader in marble mining, processing, and research and technology development across the globe.

Promise to Our Customers

To adorn every space with grandeur, finesse, and unmatched quality, staying forever true to the principles this company was founded on.
We have consistently brought and will continue to bring the largest volumes of the finest marble to the world by utilizing state-of-the-art technology.
Our mantra is to use our expertise to cater to each customer’s needs by offering excellent products and services at competitive prices..


We are the most reliable and most of the experience marble manufacturers and suppliers in the marble field in India. We have great standards in the quantity, quality and the finishing of the marble and granite. We have a fully professional experienced team of workers for manufacturing and supplying the marble in India at a reasonable price with less taking time. If you are looking for Marble and Granite in India or anywhere from all over the world, visit VM MARBLES. We provide the good quality of marble in Kishangarh, Kishangarh Marble and all type of marble, granite, and sandstone at a reasonable price.

Simple, clean and polished- marble flooring has long been a favorite flooring option for families worldwide. When we think of opulent and decadent flooring options, marble flooring is one of the primary names that come to our minds. Vivid colors, patterns, quality and versatile cost options make it the most suitable for Indian homes. It can withstand all weather conditions and still manage to look like a million bucks once washed and polished!

If you plan to invest in marble flooring options for your home, then this guide comes to you at the perfect time. We bring to you various marble flooring designs for you to experiment with.

Classic and timeless, marble has the unique cachet and elegance that no other building material has. Used in all periods and across many genres of design, marble can be a wonderful addition to most any home.

Marble, like limestone and travertine, will develop a patina over time due to use and chemical reactions. Oils, acids and many minerals, in particular, react with the calcium carbonate inherent in the stone to cause this patina.

VM MARBLES PVT LTD always recommends the viewing and selection of natural stone slabs by customers and are happy to assist in this part of the process.

Below is a sampling of the many Marble types available.

  • New Bathroom
  • Kitchen Tiles
  • New Wall Plate
    New Wall Collection


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