Daino Reale Marble

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Daino Reale Marble: Daino Reale marble is a calcareous stone quarried in Italy. This material is a marble “brecciato” (bands lined) that presents a warm, cloudy light brown tone crossed with lines of toasting, yellowish color or white calcium. This material doesn’t present ranges.  This stone is especially good for exterior – interior wall and floor applications, monuments, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and other design projects. It also called Breccia Olympo marble, Breccia Sarda Daino marble, Breccia Sarda Olimpia marble, Breccia Sarda Olympia marble, Breccia Sarde marble, Breccia Sardo Daino marble, Brechia Sarda marble,Brechia Sarde marble, Brechia Sardo marble, Brescia Sarda marble, Daino Imperiale marble, Daino Real marble, Daino Tirreno marble, Daino Venato marble, Diana Scorpio marble, Diano Reale marble, Napoleon Perlato Daino marble, Olimpia Beige marble, Marmo Orosei, Orosei Perlato marble, Perlato Daino marble, Breccia Daino marble. Daino Reale marble can be processed into polished, sawn cut, sanded, rockfaced, sandblasted, tumbled and so on.


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