Dungri Marble

Price 80-600 INR per Square Feet

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Dungri Marble: Dungri marble is one of the oldest and finest quality marble of Makrana, Rajasthan based mines. Dungri marble has a high percentage of calcium and is therefore resistant to water seepage. The water absorption of Dungri marble is said to be the lowest among all types in India, and the marble is claimed to contain 98 percent of calcium carbonate and only two percent of impurities. It is usually found in white with grey shades, depending on the level of impurities. The close interlocking property of the marble makes it strong, hard and translucent. It is said to retain its shine and white color for a long period of time. This stone is widely used in flooring, and wall cladding due to its special qualities like no chemical reinforcement, no color changes, and no pin holes. The stone is available in various forms such as natural blocks, large and small slabs, regular tiles.

Chak Dungri marble is a type of Dungri marble (Makrana marble). It is famous for its whiteness, durability, and shine. This is an Indian marble stone quarried in marble mines of Makrana, Rajasthan. This marble stone contains approximately 98% calcite which makes it durable. It has very useful physical properties like resistant to extreme weather conditions, heat, and water. Chak Dungri marble is used for Interior and exterior flooring, wall cladding, stair casing, vanity sink top and fireplace. It is also preferred for the kitchen countertop, tabletop and other marble furniture applications. This marble is also preferred for monuments and sculptures. Chak Dungri marble doesn’t require any chemical reinforcement. This marble has polished, swan cut, rock faced and honed surface finish. It has a crack-free surface. Chak Dungri marble is available for sale as slab and tiles of various thickness and size.


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