Morwad White Marble

Price 35-250 INR Per Square Feet

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Morwad White Marble:  It also called Morwad white marble, Kishangarh white marble, Kishangarh marble, Morwar marble, Morwad marble, Morwad marble, Morwarid marble, Milky coral marble, Morwad Bianco marble.  Morwad marble is available in very cheap range and its color doesn’t change after a few years like other stones, which become yellowish after a few years. Its polish doesn’t decrease or vanish after a few years.  It doesn’t absorb water and oil. Its hardness is very good in comparison to other stone of similar type. It is white in color and it looks beautiful due to the presence of green and grey hues on the top. It got its name from a small village in Rajasthan that is known by the same name and this is where this marble is mined. Located in Kishnagarh (Rajasthan), this variety of marble is in great demand. Its color is milky white and it might also have shades of brown as figurative patterns and designs. These designs vary and Morwad white marble is always in great demand for residential and commercial projects. The uses of Morwad white are varied and it is used for both exterior and interior constructional works. Like all other varieties of marble, the most common use of Morwad marble is of course for making floors. It is also used for wall cladding and for designs and borders. Morwad is also used by artists for making figurines and other objects as well. Both tiles and slabs are available


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