Sawar Marble

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Sawar Marble: Sawar marble is named after the village of Sawar which is situated in Rajasthan. It also called Sawar grey marble, Sanwar marble, Sawar multicolor marble, Fancy brown marble. Sawar marble can be processed into polished, sawn cut, Sanded, rock-faced, sandblasted, tumbled and so on. The oldest and the best quality marble in the world. It needs no chemical reinforcement like Italian marble, no pinholes, no color change and loss of polish. This is practically verified by the buildings and numerous temples, mosques, churches, and monuments in India for over 100 years now. Thus a life of 100 years is guaranteed. Sawar marble is basically an average quality of marble. The Sawar marble has similarity with Toronto marble as both are produced in the same mines in Sawar. The only difference in both is that Sawar marble having less brown shades than Toronto marble on its surface area for their genuine identification and both are rainbow colored. From pricing and quality wise, both Sawar and Toronto marble are cheap and best. In Sawar marble, a large qualitative variety can be found in different natural figurative patterns and designs. Unlike white marble or Italian marbles, it has very broad strip patterns. This makes possible the diamonds patterns, straight lines patterns, cross lines figures, zig-zag pattern, rectangular figure, Galicha pattern, rounded shapes or many more. This is very attractive, decent and adding lifelong beauty to residential and commercial projects. The Sawar marble is widely used in homes, offices, factories and buildings, industries, schools, hotels, temples, mosques, churches. Sawar marble slabs and Sawar marble tiles can be used for flooring purpose , wall cladding , kitchen countertops, tabletops, pool sites, tops, worktops, bathroom counters, contemporary living rooms, drawing arrangements, dining spaces, hotel lobbies, windows and may more in traditional and modern looks which is provided in reasonable Sawar marble prices.


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